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The perfect estate plan, above all else, is personal. An estate plan directs your assets to your beneficiaries at death. Most internet forms and self-help software provide one size fits all plans and provide little help with navigating legalese. While estate planning begins with preparing documents, it does not end there. An experienced estate planning attorney can not only draft estate planning documents specific for you, but help you fully understand those documents and how to best use them.

To us, no two clients are alike and we tailor every estate plan to fit. Our estate planning attorneys will guide you through your options, including wills and revocable trusts, and explain the many factors to consider in your estate plan, such as the many complex and changing laws, including tax laws, as well as your specific family situation and assets (out of state property, life insurance, retirement assets, etc.). We will discuss your personal objectives which may include creditor protection for your loved ones, minimizing taxes, supporting a favorite charity, providing asset management for beneficiaries or keeping your planning simple.

Once you establish your personal objectives for the distribution of your assets after death, we then focus on how to make the process as smooth as possible. This includes advice as to titling assets so that they pass in accordance with your planning. It also includes nominating the best people (or institutions) in your estate planning to act on your behalf.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just about what happens at death, it also provides you with powerful tools for dealing with lifetime contingencies, such as incapacity. A good estate plan includes advanced medical directives and powers of attorney which give your agent the authority to deal with your property during life and consent to or refuse medical treatment on your behalf.

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