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Rail transportation has been integral to Colorado’s success since our state’s founding. Today, rail serves numerous economic sectors, from mass transit to mining. Despite a favorable safety record, rail transportation is not without risks. When heavy equipment goes awry, its destructive force is enormous. If you’ve sustained a serious personal injury, or represent a loved one who suffered wrongful death, Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC can help. Established in 1871, our firm has represented victims of rail accidents almost as long as there have been railroads in Colorado. In fact, our firm secured the largest railroad liability verdict in the state’s history. We are prepared to deliver the same high-quality, highly personal representation in your train accident case.

Thorough investigation into the causes of Colorado train accidents

Your case for compensation depends on establishing the cause of the accident and determining what party was responsible. Our firm engages qualified experts to investigate all aspects of your train accident. Common causes of train accidents include:

Reconstructing a train accident requires specialized knowledge; presenting that evidence in a clear and convincing manner requires focused legal experience. At Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC, we have the necessary resources to manage complex litigation for railroad injuries and cases of wrongful death.

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Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC has been helping Coloradans injured in train accidents for almost as long as Colorado has had railroads. Our knowledgeable, local attorneys know what it takes to deliver successful representation in complex, contentious accident cases. Call us at 303-776-5380 or contact our Longmont office online.

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Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC has survived since 1871 for many good reasons, not the least of which are excellent legal representation and exemplary client communication and service. Come see the difference that our knowledgeable, local attorneys can make. Call us at 303.776.5380 or contact our Longmont office online.