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Colorado divorce attorneys representing clients in child custody and support matters

At the Longmont law firm of Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC, we have been helping clients solve their family law challenges since 1871. We understand that these cases are some of the most important and difficult cases we handle. Our experience in the intricacies of the laws of divorce, property division, custody and visitation is matched by our sensitivity to the unavoidable emotional component of divorce. While we always strive to reach an equitable settlement, we understand the only credible position of strength in negotiations is to be ready, willing, and able to take any case to a permanent orders trial if necessary.

Providing guidance to those dealing with difficult family situations

Divorce and the resulting issues can be complicated and stressful. Every aspect of your life may be at stake, from time with your children to all your hard-earned income, assets and retirement. The outcomes from a divorce can have a lifelong impact. We seek to eliminate that stress with our no-nonsense approach and make these processes as easy as possible. In cases where children are involved, we understand the end result of our efforts must be a safe, workable and long-term solution that puts your children’s best interests first. We regularly represent people in all matters concerning:

  • Divorce — If you or your spouse seeks to dissolve your marriage, we work to protect your family, your assets and your future. Our divorce lawyers seek solutions that work for everyone involved, but are ready to bring your case to the judge if the other side doesn’t cooperate.
  • Child support — We work with parents and courts to make sure child support agreements and orders are fair to everyone involved. When it comes to collecting past-due child support and maintenance, we also understand the need to go after parents who are behind in their court-ordered support payments and aggressively collect child support arrears.
  • Child custody — Our team of Longmont attorneys puts children first. When the allocation of parental responsibilities and child custody are at issue, we work with both parents to create an arrangement that is in the best interests of the children. When necessary, we also fight to get you sole custody and decision-making or petition to allow visitation and expanded rights on your behalf.

Our goal is to ensure you have a clear understanding of the law, your options, and the likely results of the decisions you make.

Assisting Northern Colorado families in a variety of legal matters

Our attorneys are well versed in family law and regularly handle a wide range of related matters. We routinely assist Longmont and Northern Colorado-area families and clients with:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Child support and custody
  • Allocation of parental responsibilities
  • Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Alimony
  • Division of property
  • Prenuptial agreements

We understand how important your family is to you, which is why we treat every family law matter with the attention and care that it deserves. For generations, our firm has put our clients and their families first.

Trust a Boulder County law firm with experience handling sensitive family law matters

Contact a determined team of family law and child support attorneys at Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC. Since 1871, our attorneys have provided compassionate, personal service to families going through divorce, separation or custody issues. We represent clients in Boulder and throughout Northern Colorado. To schedule a consultation, call us at 303-776-5380 or contact our Longmont office online.

Our Family Law Attorneys

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