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Scenic vistas and winding mountain roads make Colorado a magnificent place to ride a motorcycle. But too often the pleasure of biking comes at a high cost. At Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC, we’ve seen the devastating effects of motorcycle accidents. We understand that these injuries can require a lifetime of treatment. We’ve fully committed to pursuing the maximum possible compensation to pay for that care and to provide for additional needs. As local Longmont attorneys, we are accessible throughout the legal process and work closely with injured parties, even when personal service requires frequent house calls. Our firm has lasted since 1871 by providing quality client service and delivering excellent results.

Exposed motorcycle riders suffer a variety of severe injuries

It’s important to retain an attorney who is familiar with the injuries you’ve sustained. Our firm has managed vehicle crash litigation where clients suffered:

  • Traumatic brain injuries — Even when helmets perform as designed, the impact of a rider’s head on a hard surface can damage brain tissue.
  • Spinal cord injuries — Torqueing the neck or back can bruise the spinal cord or cause actual breakage leading to paralysis below the point of the injury.
  • Road rash — The heat generated by skidding on the road surface can burn the skin severely, causing scarring and requiring skin grafts.
  • Bone fractures — Serious breaks may never heal properly. Fractured bones can cut blood vessels and puncture internal organs.
  • Soft tissue damage — Whiplash injuries are common for riders thrown from their bikes.

Your attorney must consult with medical experts who can accurately assess the extent of your injuries to ensure the compensation sought is adequate for your needs. Our firm has established relations with several highly qualified medical experts.

Determining liability in Colorado motorcycle accidents

Drivers who strike motorcyclists often remark that they “never saw” the bike coming. Your accident claim can come down to a question of whether you as a rider made some unsafe maneuver, such as an unsafe lane change, or the other motor vehicle driver was simply inattentive. Our firm consults with experts in accident reconstruction to determine where driver error may have occurred. We also investigate other contributing factors that might implicate other defendants, such as:

  • Motorcycle manufacturers — Defective design or manufacture can lead to crashes
  • Highway construction and maintenance agencies — Road conditions can produce hazards
  • Protective equipment manufacturers — Faulty helmets or protective clothing can exacerbate injuries

We pursue every possible route to obtaining the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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