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It is a simple truth that workplace laws impact almost everyone at one point or another.  Unfortunately laws governing employment can be complex and unclear.  With always changing federal and state laws impacting employers and employees this can be a tricky to navigate. The most important thing for everyone involved in the employment law arena is to understand your rights and obligations.

We at Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC continue to counsel and defend decision makers in employment disputes.  We have also prosecuted and defended claims for workplace disputes through all courts in Colorado including the United States District Court for Colorado.

The attorneys at Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC can provide advice and counsel regarding the workplace for both employees and employers.  Our employment law practice includes advising clients on discrimination issues (including harassment, gender, race, age, and disability), contract and tort claims, handbooks and manuals, severance agreements and separation packages, wage issues, noncompete agreements, wrongful termination, and many other issues.

If you need assistance with an employment problem or dispute, we can help.  Since 1871, our attorneys have provided effective, personal service to those who need help with employment concerns. To schedule a consultation, call us at 303-776-5380 or contact our Longmont office online.

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Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC has survived since 1871 for many good reasons, not the least of which are excellent legal representation and exemplary client communication and service. Come see the difference that our knowledgeable, local attorneys can make. Call us at 303.776.5380 or contact our Longmont office online.