We are very happy with the honest advice and competent assistance provided to us by Mark Herber, Andrew Dunkin and all of their support staff. They handled everything for us and kept us informed every step of the way. We always felt we were in good hands.
Cheryl Clifton
from Google
Professional, organized, knowledgeable and experienced. The skilled staff at FEHD did a fantastic job on my motor vehicle/personal injury case and achieved results I never knew were possible. If I unfortunately ever need legal representation in the future they will be my first choice, and I highly recommend them to anyone with similar situations.
from Google
This office has a team of truly incredible lawyers and staff to help with all causes. I'm continuously impressed by their professionalism and respect. We've used them for small business and individual purposes included tax advice and preparation!
Sean Browning
from Google
Mark is an experienced and thorough attorney. I have had the pleasure of working with Mark on multiple cases. Mark has litigation experience in a diversity of subject areas. He brings that broad knowledge set to each case. This makes him capable of becoming an expert on the subject matter of a case in a brief time. Accompanying that skill set is Mark's attention to detail and a relentless work ethic. These characteristics ensure he identifies every legal avenue possible.
Partner, Attorney
Attorneys Mark Herber, Liz Raba and Paralegal Shellie Satterfield worked on a wrongful death case for us. The team was very knowledgeable, stayed in constant communication with us and willing to answer any questions we had. I am pleased with the outcome and highly recommend them.
Lisa Q
from Google
I recently had the opportunity to work with Mr. Finn and I couldn't be more happy with his advice and counsel. He was very knowledgeable and made sure I knew all options before making a final decision. The staff is always very nice and accommodating and I highly recommend this group to everyone.
Derek Smith
from Google
I've known Mr. Finn for over twenty years and have always admired his ability to quickly absorb, analyze and strategize an appropriate plan for his clients that incorporates not only a legal strategy, but a practical one as well. I frequently refer clients to Mr. Finn when I either have a conflict or the situation is outside my area of practice. I know my clients and referrals will be in good hands with Ted and his firm.
Managing Partner
Denver, Colorado
My case involved a contractor employed by a local government entity. As we were dealing with my injuries, we had little time to access and file our lawsuit. Flanders Law saw us immediately on the day after the incident, and they were professional, clear and compassionate in all their communications with us. We settled out of court within a reasonable period of time, and with all medical expenses paid, with a decent 'pain & suffering' settlement, considering that this occurred in Colorado (1.5 times the total case, on average). I would recommend Flanders Law for any and all questions regarding legal matters.
Madonna Cunday
from Google
Ted Finn has been a blessing as my lawyer not only through my divorce, but also in the events that I've needed a lawyer in support of my family after our divorce. He's a trusted professional, timely, and knowledgeable in family law. I'd highly recommend him to anyone.
Lindsay Kerr
from Google
We hired Mark Herber to help us with when served with a frivolous lawsuit. The lawsuit went on for a while due to the lack of experience on the other side. Mark was very good about stepping in and providing information when needed and trying to keep the costs down as possible. He was very knowledgable about how to best handle the details along the way and really defended us wholeheartedly. We felt well represented and would recommend him to others....
Scott Church
from Google
As an opposing attorney, I enjoyed working with Mark Herber and Andrew Dunkin on a construction dispute case. They were a breath of fresh air in their reasonableness and efficiency. They looked out for the best interests of their client in negotiating a fair and reasonable settlement rather than pound the table and push protracted litigation that only benefits the attorneys. I would recommend Mark and Andrew to anyone looking for professional and effective attorneys that look for practical solutions.
Joe Kummer
from Google
When our daughter was hit by another car on her first day of college, the trauma of the whole ordeal only got worse as we realized the enormity of all the paperwork and insurance issues, subrogation etc. After meeting with Mark Herber and Shellie Satterfield a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders and we could focus on our daughter's recovery. They took care of everything and made the process effortless. Shellie was meticulous and incredibly responsive throughout the process.
Heidi Lahr
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