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Are you a business owner and need legal guidance to protect your business?  Flanders Elsberg Herber & Dunn, LLC can help you cover the legalities of your business enterprise, from the creation of your business entity, to contract drafting and negotiation or even litigation or arbitration. The success of your business is based on reducing the potential risks and responding effectively if problems arise. We handle the legal side of your business, so you are free to devote your time to the business itself. Flanders Elsberg Herber & Dunn, LLC has extensive experience in starting businesses and, if necessary commercial and business litigation. Our business litigation practice includes representing local and national clients in commercial litigation and arbitration throughout the United States. We are comprised of attorneys who know what businesses require, providing practical and technical advice to keep your business prepared and on track for growth.

Preparing and minimizing risk is essential for every business. We understand that even a minor misstep, can cause major ramifications within your business. By retaining our firm, Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC provides a forward-thinking and cost-effective approach that protects your business from start-up to exit planning.

We organize and form new companies for prospective business owners, which includes choosing an appropriate legal structure (e.g., LLC, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, partnership) and drafting internal governing documents such as Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Contracts, Operating Agreements, and By-laws to govern the company’s day-to-day operation. A properly set-up and well-maintained company can shield its owners from personal liability for corporate actions, minimize the tax impact on company revenue, and provide flexibility in soliciting investment to raise capital and grow your business.

Additional corporate issues will arise as your business expands. We help you prepare and negotiate agreements with potential business partners, vendors, service providers, and independent contractors. When you need capital, we can provide guidance on various funding options, such as venture capital, debt, stock purchase agreements, convertible notes, and financing contracts. If you decide to expand or exit your business, we can organize and facilitate a merger, acquisition or sale.

Whether you need a one-time review of a proposed contract or need an on-call attorney for your business, Flanders Elsberg Herber & Dunn, LLC can meet your needs. Since 1871, our attorneys have provided effective, personal service to those who need a solid business solution and effective planning. To schedule a consultation, call us at 303-776-5380 or contact our Longmont office online.

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Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn, LLC has survived since 1871 for many good reasons, not the least of which are excellent legal representation and exemplary client communication and service. Come see the difference that our knowledgeable, local attorneys can make. Call us at 303.776.5380 or contact our Longmont office online.